YOU ARE LIQUID GOLD by Melanie White

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 You must desire your precious sweet energy much more than those to whom you give it away, way too freely, or those who try to steal it. Or perhaps you are the thief who doubts your own supply and takes from another. I now see the reverence and blessing I am learning for my clear strong energy is no different than the love I hold for clean water and clean food and the lengths I will go to find it.  

 When you have done the heavy lifting of boulders and weeds that block your flow. When you have dredged the depths of your river and returned it to its original majesty, others may see its bright clear water and they will want it for their own. And some will not. Some will want to block it again so their own rivers look a little better than yours. Many will see your unpredictable nature and wildness as something dangerous and uncontrollable. Too far a cry from domesticity. Too this, too that, too much. They have a point too, but they’ve also missed the point. Sometimes it does feel too much, too fast. too deep, too unfamiliar, and therein lies the wild beauty. I’m here for a big adventure not a taming.

 I search and forage for clean spring water the old way, and I carry it and bless it with good intentions. I filter it and charge it with crystals. It’s hard work sometimes, a labour of love and it’s worth it. You see I choose no flouride and I choose no chlorine and I choose no chemical run off in my supply. I choose and I am grateful for my choice and the power that is everywhere around and in us.

 I used to give away the water freely and quickly to those around me who drank it up like the nectar it is. Until I realised that they never searched for their own or quenched my thirst when my supply ran dry. Water is for all but I will not carry anyone to the source. Walk with me. I now honour my time and my health. I quietly source the water that’s all around if you look with the right vision and ask to be shown. And I quietly drink. 

My love is to share and I will freely, but there’s a difference between sharing and stealing and taking more than you give. Now I know the difference you see. How might it feel if we all honoured our own bright rivers both on the land and within us. That which makes you uniquely you is only authentic,  true and alive while it lives in your body and in your creations. 

This river of mine is no longer available for damming and draining. There now lives a Wolf and a Lion and many more who guard its lands. Fierceness and love are friends after all!  

 You are never born to carry, you are always born to bloom.  

So brush away guilt and envy, just mosquitos in your light.  

Step up, step out, arms wide, eyes bright.  

To be weightless may feel strange, but I promise you’ll be FREE!

 Be the loving guardian of your river. Desire your energy a thousand times more than you do already and much, much more than those who do not and cannot know it’s worth.  Never, ever forget…


By Melanie White