What is Ancestral Healing?

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Ancestral Healing is a spiritual-healing ritual that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your wise and less wise, loving and less loving ancestors. 

I believe we are blueprints of our parents and their parents before them. We carry the beliefs of our ancestors until they are healed. 

Our body never forgets; every cell in your body remembers your ancestors’ wisdom and trauma — even if your conscious mind doesn’t. We live the benefit of their wisdom and are challenged by their wounds.

Most of us live entirely disconnected from our ancestors and ancestral and cultural heritage. We are conditioned to believe that our emotions, issues, habits, relationship and behavioural patterns are all our responsibility alone — when in truth, some of it is ancestral. 

 I believe we choose our family and culture and the challenges and learning that come with it.

What our ancestors have learned they pass on to us as our strengths; our challenges are what hasn’t yet been discovered or healed. 

Our learning or growth potential is the reverse of our painful experiences. If I am angry, my lesson is to love; if I am fearful, my learning is courage etc.

 Ancestral Healing is understanding that the past does not disappear; the learning continues until its healed. Healing takes courage but to heal is to fulfil our life purpose.

Strong cultures worldwide that are thriving today maintain strong relationships with their ancestors. It brings balance, health, abundance, good fortune, guidance, and protection to their lives individually and collectively. 

 Ancestral Healing clears the trauma held within our ancestral lineage. By owning and 

Healing patterns, beliefs, habits, and trauma — who and where they came from we change the future of those that come after us. By healing the past, we change the future. 

Often, trauma is learned or received from parents who received it from their parents, who received it from their parents. This is intergenerational trauma, which is healed through ancestral Healing; what we don’t heal, we pass on to the generation that follows us. 

 Ancestral Healing brings immediate emotional release that puts an end to harmful patterns and beliefs.

It gifts us the blessings of protection, guidance, wisdom, support, and love for your life and your lineage spiritually and on every level.

You can heal trauma, reclaim your power, strengthen your boundaries and heal at the root source.

 Ancestral Healing is an ancient healing modality that has survived the test of time.

Traditional culture understands that the wellness of the spirit world (our ancestors) impacts our lives emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

 The study of epigenetics points towards how trauma is inherited, that the traumatic memories are passed down through our genes, and these genes can be turned on or off. We bury them or heal them. 


 They are the family members that went before us. We are a group of souls that choose the same lessons—each (hopefully) playing their part. 

 We are linked to our ancestors, be it consciously or not, and these ties can significantly impact your life and your family, for better or worse.

Our ancestors are your very own elders. We carry these gifts and are challenged by the family wounds.

Are you ready to take the step into ancestral Healing?