The Power of Responsibility!

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We live in fearful times. Times of great uncertainty and unprecedented change. A time where many of our belief systems have been challenged and questioned. So how best can we deal with this?

I have always believed that the external world is a reflection of me. When I am angry I encounter angry people and experiences. Likewise when I am happy life reflects this back to me. So when the external world causes me turmoil or pain I believe that the problem and it’s solution lies within me. The wound it activates is mine. The external world is only reminding me of its existence. I don’t have the power to change what is happening but I have complete power over how I respond to it.

Let me give you an example.

If someone hurts or betrays me and I am saddened by the experience, my natural instinct is to blame the person who hurt me. So I give them power over me and how I feel. My focus is completely on blaming the other person or upon changing them in order for me to feel better. This is futile. It leaves me powerless.

Whereas, I have power over how I respond to the hurt. The question I ask myself is:” How does the betrayal make me feel?”  Let say it’s sadness; It’s my choice if I hold on to this sadness or let it go. By making this choice I don’t have to approve of the other person’s behaviour, but I am choosing to take responsibility for my reaction. Real power is owning my emotions. Taking control of my behaviour. When I am in control of my life I am responsible for my life. When I am not in control of my life I will blame someone else.

True power lies within.