The dress rehearsal is over!

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I know we are in challenging times.

There is nothing we can do about the Corona Virus except follow and adhere to the WHO/Government guidelines. However, we do have immense power in taking responsibility for how we feel about it.
This is what we are being called to do and act on now.
It is imminent that we remain present. This is a time of correction, a time of checks and balances where what we haven’t taken responsibility for will demand to be noticed but all positive work will be rewarded.
Of course it is a moment of huge fear and uncertainty, but equally it’s the time we have being working towards for the last number of years.

I believe that the virus is transmitted through fear. There are things we can do to combat this fear. Sit in your power, take back your control, be responsible and ease the burden on those around you. This is the most effective thing you can do and you have the power and know how to do it. It’s our purpose. The dress rehearsal is over. The time of excuses is done. Step up.

Stop being aloof! Be present to what’s going on so the fear can’t have power.* Stop feeling sorry for yourself!
Worrying and burdening others with our anxiety and ‘trying’ to understand why this is happening is just adding to the collective fears. These are the common control games and traps we fall into and they do not serve us in any way. Being in your power is a choice and it is something you can do now.

We are in a time of extraordinary spiritual and emotional growth. Despite appearances, it has the potential to be a time of great connection, love and joy.

Our life experience is to learn and our lessons are the reverse of what we experience in life. This situation is bringing up fear therefore our lesson is love. Open your heart, be kind with your thoughts and intentions, give without explanation or reward.
I am uploading a podcast explaining our control dramas, the consequences of being out of our power and exactly what our personal power is. It also includes an exercise on how to take your control back. (One recording includes an explanation of the exercise and the second recording is the exercise itself.)

You can download it from below links.

Feel free to share with anyone whom you feel it might help.

We are been called to act. Now!