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Day Retreats & Workshops

Book one of my upcoming Self-Healing Workshops: A Wellness Retreat and take the first step towards physical and emotional health.  

Challenges & Goals

There is no limit to what we can work with. It might be anxiety, illness, back pain or depression to name only a few. It could be a business idea or a lifelong dream. Bring it to the table.

Toolbox for life

- Sharp Instinct & Intuition
- D.I.Y. Model of Self healing
- Clarity on goals to help achieve them
- Mastery of your Emotions
- Be the Architect of Change
- Identify and Decode Limiting Personal & Societal Belief Systems

Pot of Gold

- Relief of Pain & Illness
- Increased Energy & Health, Joy, Contentment & Integrity
- Self esteem, Empowerment & Confidence - Creativity & Authenticity - Manifest Goals & Dreams

Why choose me?

I teach people to stand in their own POWER, to take back their control and responsibility for their lives by releasing any physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. To bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be with the use of SOLID PRACTICAL WORKING TOOLS. I believe that a life without this responsibility is a life without meaning. A choice to live in black and white rather than the vivid technicolor that is all around us.

If you are ready to stop suffering and start living a joyful and fulfilled life, I’m here to help you live life on your terms. To be healthy, strong and empowered.

Emotional and Physical Healing, Mairead Heagney


Master your Emotions, Create your Future


I work on releasing physical points of blocked energy in the body. Once these are located and released, the body quickly self-heals.


These sessions guide you back into your power. Teaching you how to heal your physical body and release stored emotions.


I work with corporate groups and sports teams to help them reach their highest potential.


Is there someone you know who could benefit from these sessions? Gift vouchers are available for physical healing sessions.

Body Wisdom Workshop

Learn to both listen and understand your body’s language and intelligence for healing, optimal Living, and maintain a healthy connection and presence to yourself and awakening to the world around you in your daily life.

Body Wisdom Workshop

The Body Wisdom Workshop is here for you at a time when many of us are feeling lonely and isolated. We are living in a disconnected society, where physical pain and emotional pain are accepted as the new norm.

BUT we have the power to change this.

  • We can reclaim our instincts by listening to the messages of our emotions and let the intelligence of our bodies show us the way.

Our body is our own personal GPS system with an innate wisdom, that cannot and will not lie to you. It always points the way, we just need to listen and follow but we have forgotten how. A body that is not heard gives us pain and illness to get our attention. Physical Pain or illness can be a manifestation of emotional pain or unresolved conflicts in our relationships with family, partners, friends or even professional associates. Understanding the cause of your suffering is the first step towards healing it

This one-day workshop will teach you the simple art of self-healing.

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift’. – Albert Einstein

Are you ready to awaken the gift?

BODY WISDOM WORKSHOP – Awakening the Gift

A Unique and ground breaking WORKSHOP WITH MAIREAD HEAGNEY

My one-day retreat will teach you how to find the source of your suffering, gain acute awareness of and work with your emotional responses which often manifest into physical pain and illness. You will be shown the pathway and tools to regain power and become master of your own physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Identify the emotional triggers that cause you physical pain and see how they impact you in your family, work and personal life.
  • Learn practical energetic and physical skills to identify and release these dramas in future.

Pre requisites

A decision to disconnect from your busy life for the day

An open mind and a genuine desire to overcome pain and heal yourself.

Rules of the Group: Sharing your story is OPTIONAL and everything shared within this workshop is completely confidential. Some people learn and benefit from sharing their story as everyone has a unique perspective. Others achieve healing silently or introspectively. There is no requirement to share with the group, and there is no wrong way to participate in the Retreat. All participants are encouraged to follow their own individual path towards healing.

What’s included

  • Presentations, guided meditations, and some physical exercises which will be done seated.
  • Group work and individual work
  • Nourishing vegetarian food to carry you through the day’s activities and learning. There will also be regular breaks.

Book alone for a day of peace, quiet and solitary healing, or bring a friend who needs this as much as you do!


1 Day Workshop Programme

Introduction to Mairead Heagney’s life and work

  • The self-healing practices she has developed and applied to her own recovery, which she now uses to empower her clients and students all over the world.
  • Defining Self-Healing and Finding our own Personal Power
  • Belief Systems and the power they hold
  • Power games and controlling other people

Pillars of Personal Power

Understand the four principles which we can use to regain power back over our lives and our own health and wellness

  1. Control
  2. Trust
  3. Faith
  4. Belief

Power Play – Our Control Dramas – Group Discussion

Identify where we give away our Personal Power.

  • Anger
  • Self-Pity
  • Detachment from pain or from people
  • Critical Judgement of ourselves those around us

Personal Power:

3 Daily Exercises to Empower You

  1. How to connect to your body and identify the cause of your pain
  2. Taking Personal Power back
  3. Releasing pain or unhealthy emotion


Wellness vs Weakness: The language of the body, a practical guide.

Mairead will teach the basics of connecting to your body, assessing your own health and wellbeing, and identifying areas of weakness where your healing effort should be focused.

  • Guided Meditation
  • Intuitive Body scanning
  • Identifying your pain

Applying what we’ve learned: Recap of 3 Daily Exercises to Empower You

Meditation on how to connect to sources of pain in the body

Self-Healing: Releasing pain from the body

Mairead will teach and guide you to diagnose the source and cause of your physical pain and release it from the body. Learn to connect with the pain.

Daily Energetic & Health Routine Gift

Mairead will sum up the day’s learnings and outline a daily routine to support your Powerful Self-Healing into the future.

  • Maintaining your Personal Power
  • Owning your emotions
  • Protecting yourself from the influence of other people’s emotions
  • Daily Wellness Check

Open Discussion/ Q & A

On completion of our workshop, you will be able to identify the sources of your pain, and apply Powerful Self-Healing tools and strategies to overcome them. You will have ongoing work to continue the process of Self-Healing. Familial, professional and romantic relationships will be examined in the light of what you have learned today. You will know how to deal more effectively with issues or conflicts, and will have a better understanding as to why those issues or conflicts arise. You will have a solid awareness of what Personal Power is to you and how it can be used for Self-Healing, and a better and more peaceful path through life. This will benefit both you and also the people you come into contact with.

‘Let your body be your compass, your mind your map, your heart your guide and you will never get lost.’

what my clients say

In my 18 years of practice, clients tell me I’m supportive, grounded and strong with a no nonsense approach. I will support and guide you to freedom but I will not carry you, so be prepared to commit 100%. Using a blend of physical and emotional therapy I enable people to heal their bodies and connect with their intuition. My initial sessions with clients are centred around physical pain release and finding limiting beliefs and stored emotions. .

I have spent the last two years under the guidance of Mairead and her philosophy. In this time I have learned to face my fears and anger, and take responsibility for them. Mairead had given me a real solid learning that has taught me to look at myself, accept who I am and take responsibility for myself on a daily basis on a deep emotional level. The results have been very visible in both my personal and work life. I am now more aware and awake to the collective connectivity that is in every one of us. I have experienced the positive effects first hand in my attitude, my work, my relationships, my health, and through others; colleagues and family have noted the positive change in me also. I recommend Mairead to anybody who is stuck in life, wants to take a deeper meaningful look at themselves or simply needs help in the day to day struggles that life throws at us all.

Oisin Brown



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