Diatomaceous Earth is a natural silica-rich detoxifying agent. It kills parasites and viruses that contribute to illnesses. It helps to clean the blood. Diatomaceous Earth builds healthy bones, skin, hair and nails.  Silica helps eliminate heavy metals (such as aluminium) from the body, making it perfect for a deep detox.

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There are many benefits of silica. In today’s grains, there is actually a shortage of silica.
Traditionally, the silica that was found in our foodstuffs was sufficient but with today’s hybrids and depleted soils, only about one third of the silica needed for a healthy diet, is supplied in our food. 

Diatomaceous Earth is a simple and inexpensive way to get the silica your body needs. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is easy and safe to consume. It passes through your digestive system. It does not enter the bloodstream.

However, you need to be very careful not to inhale diatomaceous earth. Doing so will irritate your lungs much like the inhalation of dust — but the silica makes it exceptionally harmful causing inflammation and scarring of your lungs, known as silicosis.

The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth:

Improved Joint and Ligament Health
Helps prevent Low Bone Mass (osteoporosis)
Detoxification and Removal of Heavy Metals

Improve cholesterol and heart health
Better Liver and Colon
Function Healthier Skin, Teeth and Nails
Improved Digestion by cleansing the digestive tract
Helps lessen menopause symptoms

Provide the body with trace minerals.

Promote hair growth.

Helps treat constipation

Used as a parasite cleanse

How much Diatomaceous Earth do I take?

Take 1-2 tablespoons first thing in the morning in water, on an empty stomach. Take it one hour before eating for 30 consecutive days. Thereafter take it every third or fourth day. There is no unpleasant taste.