Master your emotions and you can create your future.

The only purpose of physical pain is to draw our attention to stagnation in the body, when it is felt and acknowledged, it releases. I work on releasing these points of blocked energy in the body. Once these are located and released, the body quickly self-heals. 

My sessions last 45 mins to 1 hour and can be scheduled in around a time that suits you.  I am a natural born healer and I feel the pain that people carry in their body and I intuitively find and release the source of it. When you attend a session with me I ask: ‘Are you ready to release your pain?’, and  ‘Do you want to get rid of it ?’….Perhaps “working together we will begin working on… …”…..we will take the first steps…..

Pain is blocked energy and I can release this.  You will feel the release in a short space of time (within minutes).  In our culture we focus on getting rid of pain, the body needs to first acknowledge it. In our sessions the focus is on the denied pain, the language of the body is pain, a disconnected society and culture.  Once pain is acknowledged, we can let go of the pain. This is because the body uses pain to get our attention.  

I recommend a minimum of 3 of these sessions over a 2-3 week period for best results. I suggest that you do not take any form of pain relief/medication before one of your sessions with me (by doing so this decreases the length of time it takes to release any energy and pain blockages).