Master your emotions and you can create your future.

Challenges & Goals

There is no limit to what we can work with. It might be anxiety, illness, back pain or depression to name only a few. It could be a business idea or a lifelong dream. Bring it to the table.

Toolbox for life

- Sharp Instinct & Intuition
- D.I.Y. Model of Self healing
- Clarity on goals to help achieve them
- Mastery of your Emotions
- Be the Architect of Change
- Identify and Decode Limiting Personal & Societal Belief Systems

Pot of Gold

- Relief of Pain & Illness
- Increased Energy & Health, Joy, Contentment & Integrity
- Self esteem, Empowerment & Confidence - Creativity & Authenticity - Manifest Goals & Dreams


I teach people to stand in their own power, to take back their control and responsibility for their lives by releasing any physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. To bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be with the use of solid practical working tools. I believe that a life without this responsibility is a life without meaning. A choice to live in black and white rather than the vivid technicolor that is all around us. 

If you are ready to stop suffering and start living a joyful and fulfilled life, I’m here to help you live life on your terms. To be healthy, strong and empowered. 

The Solution to the problem lies in the acknowledgement and acceptance of the feeling.

Emotional and Physical Healing, Mairead Heagney


Master your emotions, create your future. 


I work on releasing physical points of blocked energy and pain in the body. Once these are located and  released, the body quickly self-heals. 


These sessions guide you back into your power. Teaching you how to heal your physical body and release stored emotions.


 I work with corporate groups and sports teams to help them reach their highest potential.


Is there someone you know who could benefit from these sessions? Gift vouchers are available for physical healing sessions.

Physical Healing therapy

The only purpose of physical pain is to draw our attention to stagnation in the body, when it is felt and acknowledged, it releases. I work on releasing these points of blocked energy in the body. Once these are located and released, the body quickly self-heals. 


The only purpose of PHYSICAL PAIN is to draw our attention to STAGNATION in the body, when it is felt and acknowledged, it releases. I work on releasing these points of blocked energy in the body. Once these are located and released, the body quickly SELF-HEALS. 

 We are all familiar with physical pain and illness. Most of the world goes to great lengths to avoid it, praying and hoping that it doesn’t come calling. I believe that we create the pain and illness that we experience. This can be an uncomfortable thing for many to hear. We are quite ATTACHED to our pain. 

 It is simply stagnant or blocked energy, and the pain is our body’s remarkable way of getting our attention. This stagnation that eventually leads to conditions such as cancer or dementia is created when physical, mental or emotional disturbances are left unresolved. When the body is in trauma or distress, its energy becomes stagnant and dense and if left unacknowledged PAIN occurs. This pain could be as simple as a migraine resulting from compulsive overthinking, or as extreme as lung cancer from unresolved grief.  



‘Pain is not the problem; it is our relationship with pain that defines the quality of our connection.’ (Jeff Foster)

We’ve been conditioned to deny the pain, RESIST it. This is not our natural state but rather an inherited belief system that has become mainstream. Our health systems are based upon silencing the bodies alarm bells and then treating the results of not LISTENING to and FEELING them. This resistance to feeling our body causes the pain to increase and eventually leads to the next alarm bell: illness. RECOVERY can be very simple and fast with this therapy when the client is WILLING to let go of their pain.

‘Let your body be your compass, your mind your map, your heart your guide and you will never get lost.’

what my clients say

In my 18 years of practice, clients tell me I’m supportive, grounded and strong with a no nonsense approach. I will support and guide you to freedom but I will not carry you, so be prepared to commit 100%. Using a blend of physical and emotional therapy I enable people to heal their bodies and connect with their intuition. My initial sessions with clients are centred around physical pain release and finding limiting beliefs and stored emotions. 


Mairead connects the head with the heart. She brings them together. Coming from either the heart alone or solely as a conceptual idea is never going to be a complete understanding. Things that some of us have felt but have been unable to put into words, Mairead is able to verbalize. Combining these words and ideas with experiences of the heart one is taught to feel again. To experience what it is they are truly feeling, perhaps having remained hidden for many years. Learning to feel again is just the beginning. If willing, one is brought on a journey of self discovery, and not of the generic type so often labeled as “mindfulness” or meditation. Instead, one is given modern day tools to achieve self-understanding and self-healing. Tools and methods that modern 21st century human beings are able to apply practically. 

Today few human beings can still ‘understand’ from the heart alone, nor can we as human beings ever feel using intellect alone. Instead we, in our ever growing intellectually intelligent world, require a combination of both. In order to remain human and feel life, while satisfying our brains demand for intellectual growth is a difficult process for most. This is where Mairead first aids us. After this it is up to us. We use Mairead’s guidance to let go of all of that may be holding us back from completing the simplest to the most complex of tasks. Mairead connects the mind with the body, and then to the heart. Most of us live the larger part, if not our entire lives disconnected from one or all three. Constantly chasing something outside of ourselves, looking for an answer in the work we do, the people we meet or the families we choose. Instead of learning to connect with ourselves we are taught to connect with the outside world or at best the next world, beyond this one in which we currently inhabit. In a time of turbulent, fast moving change in this world, we forget to connect to ourselves. As soon as we’ve just about caught up with ourselves we’ve already moved onto the next project, idea, or concept, running to keep up with this change. Ideally we would be fit and strong, able for this fast paced, quickening change. This is where Mairead comes in. She helps to prepare us to thrive in this changing world and heal within us that which needs healing, so that we can learn to mother, mind and map out our lives with loving consciousness.

Eva Du


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