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Hard Truths

In my 18 years of working with people I’ve learned some hard truths. Not everyone wants to change. Most people go through life without ever knowing their potential. The majority would rather stay in the dark instead of letting go of their pain and owning their power. The comfort zone people often speak of is not actually comfortable. It’s familiar. There’s nothing unpredictable and they know how to live in misery, how to be small. Joy can seem overwhelming as can the great unknown with nothing for certain. Its true, and that’s the path to happiness, wide open and…

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What I have learned over the years through my personal and professional journey; Healing your emotions heals your health. Make peace with and feel your emotions.  Confronting the pain sets you free.  Following the darkness inside you leads you to your light. Almost everything we have been taught about health and illness is false.  Few experience unconditional love yet I believe it is the purpose of life.  Illness isn’t real – it’s created by ignoring our physical and emotional pain.  Applying logic to emotions is a hindrance to feeling them.  Managing our emotions is the gateway to happiness.…

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My Story

About 20 years ago I got very sick. I was losing consciousness on a regular basis. My blood pressure was like a yo-yo, constantly spiking and dropping. I was diagnosed with a heart condition and the only option offered to me by the medical profession at that time was lifelong medication. I rejected this offer and I was advised I had less than three 3 years to live. My choice to listen to my gut and go another route was met with massive disapproval and a verdict that I was highly irresponsible. Around the same time…

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