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Becoming a Wellness Master or Wellness Mastery is a bespoke programme.

It’s tailored to your needs. It is a wellness healing discipline, a practice, that becomes a way of life for you. It becomes the lens through which you view and gauge your life. You live the practice and become it.

Wellness mastery is a whole-body, self-healing way of life that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. It is a stripping away of beliefs that hold you back; it’s an unlearning process.

Through this journey, we will look at learned beliefs and emotional wounds that hold us back and manifest as fears, challenges, or pains and aches in the physical body that manifest as pain and illness.

This isn’t a quick fix programme but a journey of awakening to your true potential.

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Become a Wellness Master​ | Healing Trauma | Mairead Heagney 

Members will receive Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Can we live life in pain and illness free?
My focus is on providing individually tailored Nutrition & Lifestyle plans to reach optimal health and become the best version of ourselves.
Our lives are busy, and we see stress as the new norm. To navigate life’s challenges, it is vital to be optimally healthy.
I will support you; see me as your ally on the journey to achieving more energy, motivation, knowledge, and support—take the first step toward taking control of your nutrition and lifestyle.
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1 Year Membership – €337 p/m or pay in full to get 1st month free €3,712

6 Month Membership – €435 p/m or pay in full €2,600

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