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You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world goes on. Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes, over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home…

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YOU ARE LIQUID GOLD by Melanie White

 You must desire your precious sweet energy much more than those to whom you give it away, way too freely, or those who try to steal it. Or perhaps you are the thief who doubts your own supply and takes from another. I now see the reverence and blessing I am learning for my clear strong energy is no different than the love I hold for clean water and clean food and the lengths I will go to find it.   When you have done the heavy lifting of boulders and weeds that block your flow. When you have dredged the depths…

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There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take…

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