Healing for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a healing journey. It is about choosing to go on your own journey of healing. It is not about simply starting a diet as diets are unsustainable. When we are on “Diet Mode” we are not at ease with our bodies. In order to lose weight  and to keep it off permanently we need to reject the “Diet” mentality. We need to heal our emotional wounds or ‘hang-ups’ about our own bodies and learn to re-love the body. Permanent weight loss is about empowering yourself with knowledge and taking responsibility for your health.

From my own experience I believe that we hold onto weight as a form or emotional protection and that weight is a symptom of our negative thought patterns.  By working with me we can become allies with our bodies. Time and time again I have seen many beautiful women and men deprive themselves of foods that they love.

Reach your desired state/weight by connecting with your emotions and plug into the feelings of what your life would be like if you were at your ideal weight. Your body will then support you on your healing weight loss journey. I can work with you on your healing journey to losing weight.