Group Workshops

My Group Workshops are always a fun day out. It’s really just a bunch of like-minded people, showing up for themselves and learning how powerful and beautiful it is to live in your own power. I always talk about the power of responsibility, but that is the basis of what I teach. Once everyone learns that, then everything else in life starts to fall into place for them. I teach everybody that comes to my workshops how to heal themselves and live a pain free and illness free life. This always works better and is easier for me to teach when I am speaking to a group of people. “The power of the collective”.

The benefits of my group workshops are as follows;

⦁ Participant will have the opportunity to learn what real power is
⦁ They will learn responsibility
⦁ They will discover themselves and have a better understanding of who they are
⦁ They will learn that how they show up and behave affects others and themselves
⦁ Some participants feel better supported and heard
⦁ Some feel safer and more understood
⦁ Creativity flows through our group workshops
⦁ There is always a warm welcome