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The art of an apology.

What is an apology? An apology is when you admit to having made a mistake or being wrong and apologise for the hurt or distress you may have caused. It requires an acknowledgement of the wrong done at a minimum and an attempt to rectify the wrong if at all possible. We are living in a time when being right has been given more credence than being kind or honourable, where integrity is fast becoming an endangered character asset. How things look has become more important than how things really are. Behind the illusion of being perfect,…

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The dress rehearsal is over!

I know we are in challenging times.There is nothing we can do about the Corona Virus except follow and adhere to the WHO/Government guidelines. However, we do have immense power in taking responsibility for how we feel about it.This is what we are being called to do and act on now.It is imminent that we remain present. This is a time of correction, a time of checks and balances where what we haven't taken responsibility for will demand to be noticed but all positive work will be rewarded.Of course it is a moment of huge…

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I have a number of clients of late coming to see me with back pain and I was asked to write a blog on the subject. Firstly this is a general overview of back pain, it may resonate or may not. Pain is the language of the body. It is our bodies way of getting our attention. Let's decipher it. Back pain, no matter what part of the body is being challenged, is never isolated. I have found over the years that the pain we feel isn't always where the body needs treatment - it's the…

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