what my clients say

I have spent the last two years under the guidance of Mairead and her philosophy. In this time I have learned to face my fears and anger, and take responsibility for them. Mairead has given me a real solid learning that has taught me to look at myself, accept who I am and take responsibility for myself on a daily basis on a deep emotional level. The results have been very visible in both my personal and work life. I am now more aware and awake to the collective connectivity that is in every one of us. I have experienced the positive effects first hand in my attitude, my work, my relationships, my health, and through others; colleagues and family have noted the positive change in me also. I recommend Mairead to anybody who is stuck in life, wants to take a deeper meaningful look at themselves or simply needs help in the day to day struggles that life throws at us all. 
Oisin B
The work Mairead does is both powerful and needed. She has an incredible ability to call you out on what’s really holding you back, so you can truly own your power. If you’re ready to be the best at what you do, working with Mairead is a must.
Theresa Rock
I have been a client of Mairead’s for the last 10 years, during that time she has helped me with pain, sickness, and a lot of issues throughout my life. For the majority of my life I have contended with flu’s and various illnesses. Since commencing sessions with Mairead I have seen a dramatic improvement in my health and no longer need to visit doctors, pharmacists and herbalists. I attribute my improved health to my work with Mairead
Jane O’Regan
I met Mairead in 2015 when I was having a very hard time and since our first meeting many things in my life have been changing. Before I got to know her I used to be lonely, even when I was surrounded by other people. Mairead is helping me to take control and responsibility of my own life. Also I am learning how to love myself more than anything else. I believe that love is the key of happiness and all I want is to enjoy life without fear and anger. I trust Mairead very much and I am glad to have her as a good friend and as a spiritual coach. I would recommend her to those people that are struggling with their emotions and are unhappy with everything around themselves. I am sure that she will help you so much but you are the only one that will be able to let the light into your life.
Suene Silva
Simply put, starting work with Mairead was the biggest and best decision of my life. In just 9 months I was unrecognizable in my approach to life and my capacity for joy and gentleness for myself and others. I’m not going to sugarcoat the commitment and consistency required. This is not a quick fix plaster method. My journey has just begun and it's so exciting to feel the freedom. At times it's hard work coupled with unflinching self inquiry. The rewards are infinite. For me it’s the difference between treading water in a confused giant ocean and deciding to board and sail a magnificent boat to wherever you choose. Mairead has a beautiful balance of knowing when to be tough and when to be gentle will assist you on your journey.
Melanie White