Become a Wellness Master

Wellness Mastery is a bespoke programme. It’s tailored to your needs. It is a wellness healing discipline, a practice, that becomes a way of life for you. It becomes the lens through which you view and gauge your life. You live the practice and become it. Wellness mastery is a whole-body, self-healing way of life that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. It is a stripping away of beliefs that hold you back; it’s an unlearning process. Through this journey, we will look at learned beliefs and emotional wounds that hold us back and manifest as fears, challenges, or pains and aches in the physical body that manifest as pain and illness. This isn’t a quick fix programme but a journey of awakening to your true potential.

Wellness mastery is an action. It’s not a journey of accumulating knowledge but a shedding and releasing of pain. I can’t think my way to wellness. Wellness is the language of the body. I release the pain that causes the illness Our pains, struggles, challenges, and hardships are seeded in our childhood. The journey of wellness mastery is owning the pain and learning how to release it. Remarkably pain can be addictive, an excuse why I can’t move on. Anything that hurts me in life hits a wound, and we plane the messenger and don’t acknowledge the damage is in us.
Our wounds are planted in our bodies by the age of seven. We assume until that age we are responsible for everything around us. We see life as a reflection of us, and everything joyful or sorrowful is our making. This is, in return, how we then experience life and life’s challenges hit the wounds we anchored since 7. Unless the wounds are healed, we live through them repeatedly, each time becoming a bit more challenging as we age. I believe that our life lessons are the reverse of how we experience and feel.

· You will be required to take responsibility. Own up to your emotions and take responsibility for how you are affected and how we affect others you come in contact with. 

· To be willing to address and heal issues as they arise.
· Be open and ready to own and confront challenges and resistance as it arises.
It’s the tool to allow us to move through dimensions and see life as it is rather than how we want it to be. It strips away the delusion.
Wellness Mastery is about responsibility. I am coming into our power. Power over how I feel. How I feel is not determined by the people or events in my life directly or indirectly but by my choice. We get confused by the story of what happens (which I have no power over) where my passion lies in deciding how I feel about the story.
We react to our wounds. If I accused you of being unintelligent, how you respond to it reflects how you view or feel about your intelligence. If you are confident in your intelligence, you will be indifferent. If you question your intelligence, my comment will wound you. Wellness Mastery focuses on healing the wound of your belief system, which resides in childhood conditioning. Once we blame anyone else for how we feel, we give them power over how we feel. They control our lives.
Wellness is finding peace in my mind, body and spirit.

Life is a series of lessons. The aggravated wound highlights the learning, but the wound’s lesson is the reverse of how it makes me feel. Life is a paradox.

Wellness Mastery is for those who:

Who want to live in peace with themselves and what life asks of us.

Feeling lonely, isolated, even depressed.

Want to take responsibility for their lives.

Anyone committed to living their potential.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life.

– Sessions are €150 for 90 minutes or €90 for 60 minutes.

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