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I have a number of clients of late coming to see me with back pain and I was asked to write a blog on the subject. Firstly this is a general overview of back pain, it may resonate or may not. 

Pain is the language of the body. It is our bodies way of getting our attention. Let’s decipher it. Back pain, no matter what part of the body is being challenged, is never isolated. I have found over the years that the pain we feel isn’t always where the body needs treatment – it’s the symptom rather than the cause. 

The back is always about support and burdens. 

Specifically the upper back is the belief in a lack of emotional support, the middle back is guilt and  even grief (linked to the lungs) and the lower back is fear about money or lack of financial support. The shoulders are about carrying burdens. These parts of the body never suffer in ISOLATION. I see pain or illness as blocked energy. During my physical healing sessions I work on clearing these blockages and the body releases the pain within minutes once the client is willing to let it go.  

To heal pain. Sit and listen to the body. Acknowledge what it is saying to you and sit in the discomfort of that. We live in a world where we get annoyed or angry with the body when it is in pain or sick. We want it gone. In most cases instantly. This is just a way to bypass the process of lasting healing. I believe there is another way. 

So sit in the pain or illness. Feel the pain or illness – completely. Move your focus and attention into the pain. The better you connect the more it releases. Don’t confuse what you are feeling with the story the mind is telling you. The mind has an extraordinary ability to deceive and distract us. The body is so honest it will never lead us astray – the better you get to connect and learn it’s language the easier it will get to be to release the pain or illness. 

I often describe it to clients like this: 

For me to go to New York I have to acknowledge where I am. Own where I am. If I cannot accept where I am how can I go to New YorkIf I fight pain or illness I can never win as I denying the reality of my current terrain. If I fight where I am can I go anywhere? Once the body gets my attention fully the healing can begin. 

To summarise: 

Feel the pain or illness 
Acknowledge it. 
Take a breath out and release it. Repeat over and over untill the pain or  illness is gone.