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The world is in perfect balance.  We have light and dark, good and evil, kindness and cruelty, happiness and sadness, abundance and lack. The givers and the takers, day and night, sunrise and sunset. Its all in perfect balance.   I know what you’re thinking - how can I say that? Where is the balance when we look at what's on the news every night? The injustices we see and read about daily. Show me the balance! It’s understandable to question how we can we have balance when we have such ferocious wealth living side by side with…

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How can so many of us be so incredibly lonely? We have never had more gadgets and apps to assist us to stay connected to one another, anywhere or at any time. Yet despite this we have never been more disconnected. I believe that the modern mediums designed to connect us actually encourage us and support us to disconnect. We see our friends count on social media as a validation of our popularity. Friends many of whom we don't really know and may never have even met or talked to in person. Friends who remain at…

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Physical pain, physical illness, any or all emotional discomforts are all in my view different versions of pain. The first step towards healing is the acknowledgement of how the pain you have feels. I believe that pain is simple and clear language of the body. The voice of a body that has been abandoned or ignored. Modern medicine focuses on the cure or removal of pain/illness/emotion. Relieving pain. Getting rid of the discomfort. This adds to the denial of how the body is truly feeling, numbing it or traumatizing it further with surgeries or invasive…

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I'm sorry that I can no longer meet clients in person. This is a temporary measure to help stop the spread of Covid-19. However, I can conduct appointments on-line: by phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.
This is uncharted water for all of us and we will take each day as it comes.

Please proceed to the services page and book as normal. All services are available with the exception of physical healing.

Thanks again