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I have a number of clients of late coming to see me with back pain and I was asked to write a blog on the subject. Firstly this is a general overview of back pain, it may resonate or may not. Pain is the language of the body. It is our bodies way of getting our attention. Let's decipher it. Back pain, no matter what part of the body is being challenged, is never isolated. I have found over the years that the pain we feel isn't always where the body needs treatment - it's the…

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The people who know me are probably aware that gardening isn't my greatest skill. I am always amazed and awed when the flowers, shrubs or vegetables I plant actually grow!  However when I first moved into my home, I had a great spurt of energy and enthusiasm to plant my garden.   In one corner I planted two small trees side by side. I have no idea what species they were and even less of a clue now as to what they should be named. You see, over the years as a result of planting them so…

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Carrying people has been a pattern and behaviour I have enacted for most of my life. I truly believed that my value was proportionate to my usefulness and that by carrying I had value, worth and a place in this world. To me if I carried others only, then would I be lovable and would therefore not be abandoned. Now I see it as something completely different. I see it in a very different light. In truth it was a clever tool I used to control the people and situations in life. I did it to feel safe and secure and it was an attempt by me to control what happened to those close to me. It slowed down the natural…

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