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Mairead Heagney. Self Healing, Life Coaching

I teach people to stand in their POWER, to take back their control and responsibility for their lives by releasing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. To bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I believe a life without this responsibility is a life without meaning. A choice to live in black and white rather than vivid technicolor. To be very clear: we take responsibility for OUR emotions only. We are not responsible for anyone else. This includes their emotions and life choices. The belief that we are responsible for another adult is simply a way of being CONTROLLING.  

  If you are ready to stop suffering and start living a joyful and fulfilled life, I’m here to help you live life on your terms. To be healthy, strong and empowered.  In my 18 years of practice, clients tell me I’m supportive, grounded and strong with a no nonsense approach. I will support and guide you to freedom but I will not carry you, so be prepared to commit 100%. Using a blend of physical and emotional therapy I enable people to heal their bodies and connect with their intuition. By applying the tools I will give you to your everyday life, you can let go of pain, break patterns and gain control of your life.

My initial sessions with clients are centred around physical pain release and finding limiting beliefs and stored emotions. This work enables you to first move through challenges and then create and manifest your dreams and goals in life.

Challenges & Goals

There are no limits to what we can work with. It might be a challenge such as anxiety, tiredness, illness, back pain or depression to name a few. Perhaps you feel numb or continually victimized. It could be a goal, business idea or a lifelong dream. Bring it to the table.

Toolbox for Life

New skills include; ~Sharp Instinct & Intuition ~D.I.Y. Model of Self Healing ~Conflict Resolution, Clarity on Goals - How to Achieve them ~Mastery of your Emotions ~Be the Architect of Change ~Identify and Decode Limiting Personal/Societal Belief Systems

Pot of Gold

~Relief of Pain & Illness ~Increased Energy & Health ~Joy, Contentment & Integrity ~Self Esteem ~Empowerment & Confidence ~Creativity & Authenticity ~Manifest Goals & Dreams


 A hard truth: not everyone wants to change. The majority would rather stay in the dark than do the work of letting go of their pain and owning their power. 

This IS for those who are; 

Willing to Change.  

Accept that the Problem and Solution lies within You. 

Make a Commitment and Dedication to Apply these Practices Daily 

Want a New Way of Life. 

This is NOT for those who; 

Want to Blame Someone Else for their Unhappiness. 

Want a Quick Fix with Minimal Effort.

Want a Soft Approach. 

Only want to Talk rather than Move out of their Story. 

If you are ready, LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN… 

You don’t have to worry about how it’s going to happen. You simply have to show up.